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Our Data

We pride ourselves on the quality and accuracy of the data we provide, and strive to make it as easy as possible to supply you with the data that your business needs.

Data Usage & License
You are licensed to use the data for ethical B2B direct marketing purposes as often as you wish during the period of 12 months from the date of license.

Personal Data does not provide personal data. If you need to have contact names or personal email addresses added to this data, please contact our partner, Corpdata Ltd., on 01626 777 400.

Downloading Data
After you have made a purchase, you can download your data as many times as you want for the duration of your license. The files will be supplied as a zipped .csv with some included supporting documentation. A sample of our file layout can be found below:

Company NameBuildingStreetSuburbTownCountyPostcodeTelephoneWeb AddressIncorporation DateLegal StatusEmployee BandSIC Text 1SIC Text 2SIC Text 3SIC Text 4
Industry IndustriesIndustry HouseHereThereEverywhereWestmorlandF3 3KT06789123451www.industryindustries.example29-11-2001LimitedC - 6 to 107011 - Development & sell real estate62090 - Other information technology service activities74100 - specialised design activities74909 - Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.e.c.
Information Ltd65 Rhoncus StreetTownvilleCitytownCornwallQM70 3WV06789123453www.informationltd.example20-03-2004LimitedB - 1 to 562012 - Business and domestic software development45112 - Sale of used cars and light motor vehicles88100 - Social work activities without accommodation for the elderly and disabled85320 - Technical and vocational secondary education
BusinessCorpThe StablesMain StreetSmalltownBigtownLanarkshireD6L 1OT06789123455www.businesscorp.example30-05-1997PLCJ - 2000 or more13921 - Manufacture of soft furnishings45112 - Sale of used cars and light motor vehicles68100 - Buying and selling of own real estate63120 - Web portals
DataMed45-48 Fore StreetDowntownGotham CityEast LothianC9Q - 51 to 10043290 - Other construction installation70100 - Activities of head offices59200 - Sound recording and music publishing activities84220 - Defence activities
Booth Globotronics64 Ivy RoadMaple DriveOaktownAyrshireAS8V 1EW06789123459www.booth-globo.example16-10-2009LimitedC - 6 to 1070229 - Management consultancy activities other than financial management43320 - Joinery installation71122 - Engineering related scientific and technical consulting activities71111 - Architectural activities
Apex DiagnosticsBighouseSmallstreetWesttownLondonE9 1UW06789123452www.apexdiag.example21-02-2002PLCB - 1 to 543320 - Joinery installation70229 - Management consultancy activities other than financial management85310 - General secondary education85520 - Cultural education
Knox Biobank45-50 The ShadesShadytownShadowvilleMerionethshireY2 1VM06789123454www.kbiobank.example24-12-2005PartneshipD - 11 to 2541100 - Development of building projects90020 - Support activities to performing arts62011 - Ready-made interactive leisure and entertainment software development68320 - Management of real estate on a fee or contract basis
NucleodigitalNucleo TowerBrick RoadStonebridgeRockvilleBrecknockshireNY0 8DT06789123456www.nucleodigital.example29-04-1998LimitedA - Unknown02100 - Silviculture and other forestry activities5153 - Wholesale wood, construction etc.81210 - General cleaning of buildings46420 - Wholesale of clothing and footwear

You can download a copy of these 8 records using the link below to test with your system, check your ability to open the files and test your import utilities. If it doesn't work you only have these 8 records to purge before trying again.

We still strongly recommend you backup your existing data before importing just in case something goes wrong!

Download Test Data

Our Prices
We aim to be as transparent as possible when it comes to pricing, and aim to provide a seamless experience for our users, allowing them to select exactly the quantity of records they require for their business and budget.

The current pricing structure for our data analyser can be found below. If you can't see what you want, or have specific individual requirements, please give us a call on 0800 012 4702. Remember, you will only be charged the prices below if you choose to download the data - the analysis itself is completely free!

DescriptionPricePricing Method
Data analysis FeeFree!Fixed fee per analysis
Basic Record FeeFree!Fixed fee per record
Tidy Addresses£0.01Optional fee per tidied site address
Brassplate Record Treatment£0.01Optional fee per brassplate site filtered 1
Building Management Record Treatment£0.01Optional fee per building management site filtered 1
Overseas Record Treatment£0.01Optional fee per overseas site filtered 1
Telephone Preference Treatment£0.01Optional fee per site on telephone preference service filtered 2
Add Telephone Numbers£0.03Optional fee per telephone number added 3
Add Website Addresses£0.02Optional fee per website address added 3
Generic Email Addresses£0.03Optional fee per generic email address added
Search by Company Legal Status£0.01Optional fee per site 4
Search by Company Size Band£0.01Optional fee per site 4
Search by Mailing List Industry Code£0.01Optional fee per site 4
Use Deduplication Files£0.00Optional fee per deduplication file used

1 You can select to flag the records or remove them. You will be charged per site remaining.

2 You can select to flag the records or remove them. You will be charged per site remaining and only where we have a telephone number on file.

3 You will only be charged once per site and only if we have this information on file.

4 You will be charged per site remaining after the search filter has been applied.

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